2016: Closing the year

Autor: Sol Marzellier
Fecha: 21 de June de 2017
Categorias: Entrada

We brought about a revolution in its design, applied best practice in all areas and streamlined its operating capacities.

We have started the New Year by placing greater emphasis on information technologies, we have started on the design of an IT architecture with eyes on the future, on the optimization of work both in terms of quality and speed, allowing us to improve the results presented to our clients in each job we carry out, and maintaining the highest quality standards on the one hand, while saving time on the other in order to keep prices stable.

We currently rely on a more mature infrastructure which allows us to comply with the highest standards of documentary quality like UNE EN ISO 9001.

We have a secure copy system in place based on Amazon Web Services S3 (their Simple Storage Service) which enables us to make secure copies of all the documents, equipment, and configurations we handle, permitting us on the one hand to recover our IT systems within 24 hours as if nothing had happened, and allowing us on the other hand to create new versions of the documents for revision and correction purposes, and to facilitate easier delivery.

Amazon Web Services’ Glacier back-up system allows us to keep information on file for more than 7 years, and should one of our clients lose vital information then we will always have it to hand to deliver it back to the client. Our applications run on areas of the Amazon Web Services iCloud, which allows us to have the right number of servers available for our both current and future clients without service levels being affected and guaranteeing 24/7 availability. On the other hand, our IT systems reconfigure themselves automatically, commensurate with the workload, to save time and energy.

In short, we have a powerful IT infrastructure available, ready to service any number of clients which we will carry on developing, along with our business model. With the aim of getting to all our clients first and keeping up an optimum load level on our web sites, we have created our own network content distribution to speed up the level of resources like images, scripts, style notes, and other documents likely to be lodged in servers.

With a view to increasing the volume of clients and service providers, we have begun to develop our Sol Marzellier Partner Network of translators, which will enable us to keep growing in the quantity and quality of the translations we undertake for our clients, relying not only on the best professionals but also on a system which fine-tunes production techniques.

We also welcomed new and valuable collaborators: Filip (a Flemish and French translator from Belgium), Anabela (Portuguese of Portugal and Chinese translator), Andy (Chinese translator), Amanda (French sworn translator and interpreter) and Mohand (Arabic from Algeria translator and interpreter).

Acerca del autor

Sol es Doctorada y posee un Máster en Derecho por la prestigiosa Universidad de Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne (especialidad en Derecho Inmobiliario), así como es Licenciada en Derecho (especialidad Mercantil y Fiscal), Universidad Paris II Assas, Francia.

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