Terms of service

Ten rules for a balanced relationship.

  1. Sol Marzellier Traductores TM commits to deliver quality projects to its clients, carried out by native Translators, within the agreed term.
  2. Provided otherwise stated herein, the services will be paid separately, according to the corresponding concept. A 25% extra charge will be applied in cases of urgency and a 50% extra charge in case the project has to be managed in the course of non-business days. As well, discounts will be applied according to the volume or number of subscripted services.
  3. Sol Marzellier Traductores TM accepts payments by bank transfer or PayPal, assuming no responsibility related to the corresponding commissions. Sol Marzellier Traductores TM resides within the European Union, therefore, any payment made in a currency other than Euro shall be rectified according to the applicable exchange rate, in order to avoid any economic damage.
  4. Although the payment of the invoices should be made the day after the delivery of the work, the standard payments terms of Sol Marzellier Traductores TM are 30 business days maximum from the date of the invoice issuing, which will be sent by email, provided large scope projects (please, consult).
  5. As soon as an invoice becomes overdue, a reminder will be sent to the client the next business day. Sol Marzellier Traductores TM will not accept further work from this client until the invoice is paid and the funds have cleared.
  6. If the account remains unpaid and the client refuses to reply to the first reminder, a second reminder will be sent within three business days and a final request will be sent within five business days.
  7. Whenever the situation carries on, Sol Marzellier Traductores will have no hesitation at all in taking appropriate and relevant legal actions, referring all outstanding invoices to its debt collection agent or usual lawyer and applying late payment interests at the applicable rate.
  8. We ask any client having real trouble paying our invoices to get in touch with Sol Marzellier Traductores TM as soon as possible, preferably before the due date, in order to agree a repayment schedule.
  9. Sol Marzellier Traductores TM will request from clients who continually pay late our invoices a deposit for at least 25% on any future project. Sol Marzellier Traductores may also ask for full payment in advance and, finally, terminate the relationship with these clients.
  10. Sol Marzellier Traductores TM reserves the right to reclaim, as it is usual, on sites such as the Hall of Fame and Shame (Translators Café), Blue Board (ProZ) and similar Translators’ Communities.
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