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Autor: Eduardo
Fecha: 21 de June de 2017
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I look back and think I can feel proud of the steps I have taken in life, the life I am still living to this very day. I left my native city of Paris behind after the death of my father and other trials and tribulations (and a dismissal which proved the final straw), all of which caused me to sink into a deep depression which took me nearly five years to get over. Five long years spinning around, without knowing who to turn to, or what to do with my life, asking myself questions I was not able to answer properly.

One Easter week, my Aunt Jannick came to visit us from Washington, and she and I had a little tête à tête: “You speak three languages perfectly”, she told me, “You inherited the gift from your father; why don’t you take up translating for a living?” What a strange idea, I thought…how can a lawyer who loves her job turn into a translator? You also have to acknowledge that here in Spain the authorities do not exactly make it easy for you. I had to go back to the beginning and take up studying again, and frankly, I felt under-motivated!

But I had to get my life back on track again, and after a lot of effort, I took my first steps in the wonderful world of translating. In a few short months, my customer base was growing and I got to be my own boss, which at times can be a real headache, but is well worth the hassle when you take the long view… never again would I be someone else’s employee; the die was cast, and after great perseverance, I finally kissed depression goodbye.

And then the man who is now my husband came into my life, and he inspired me to take it all to the next level, to develop these activities with the fantastic Web page he designed to my instructions, and to get to work with other like-minded people as myself.

And that is how, as of now, that those trustworthy fellow-workers appeared on the scene; it turned out to be pure magic, like fireworks and rainbows all rolled into one… they held out their hand, I grabbed it, the project saw the light of day, and together we blossomed into this great adventure which is Sol Marzellier Traductores TM. Big-hearted, hard-working people, who themselves have suffered and who also had to learn to counter problems with solutions, but who also realized the significance of the saying that sometimes “you have to take two steps backwards to take one step forwards”. Translators by vocation, people who love their work, and who lend meaning to Sol Marzellier Tranductores TM’ motto that “Translation is an Art” through the strength of their personality.

It matters little how far away they are, their talent and goodwill have created a closeness which we share when we work together, when we encourage one another to meet impossible deadlines, when we laugh at being so tired that words on the screen “dance” before our eyes, when we are there for one another to dispel doubts, when synergy simply becomes a reality.

I dedicate this article to my father, for the wonderful gift he bequeathed to me, to my Aunt Jannick for hitting on the solution for me, to my mother for her encouragement, to Eduardo my husband and CTO, for being at my side, and to all of you, my wonderful collaborators, for being there and enabling projects like this to prosper.

And on behalf of everyone here at Sol Marzellier Traductores TM, we would like to wish you a happy summer’s arrival!

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