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Above all, the team of Sol Marzellier Traductores wishes you all to be fine, as well as your families.

Many of you have questions about contagion through fomites. We facilitate below information from a source in which we believe we can trust.

“Can we catch the COVID 19 by touching objects? We do not yet have conclusive data, but studies under review indicate:

– Aerosols: up to 3 hours.

– Copper: up to 4 hours.

– Carton: up to 24 hours.

– Plastic: from 6 hours up to 2/3 days.

– Stainless steel: from 13 hours up to 2/3 days.

CONCLUSION: the transmission of COVID 19 is therefore possible through fomites and aerosols.

The Spanish Ministry of Health highlights, however, that the temperature and the drought gradually reduce the resilience of the virus which can remain on the surface without having the necessary strength for contagion.

When in doubt, avoid contact with any potentially contaminated object. Reinforce hygiene!”.

You are also many, since Spain is the fourth, almost third most affected country in the world, to ask us questions relating to the type of measures we take. On our end, for example, we opted for home delivery in the face of the gravity of the situation, regardless of what we may need (food, pharmaceuticals, essentials, etc.). The rate of contagion is high and the virus spreads fast, it is not worth taking risks.

We remain active and will be happy to answer any questions you may have, if we can, of course.

Cheer up and, please, stay safe.

Sol, CEO de Sol Marzellier Traductores TM.

Translated by Andrew, English translator of Sol Marzellier Traductores TM.

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