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Fecha: 21 de May de 2020
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This “meme” amuses us greatly since it went viral…  it is pure reality yes, but only in part. On the other hand, and given current circumstances, we have taken advantage of the lockdown by working (in lots of different ways) for ourselves.

Let us begin with daily hygiene issues: lockdown, as has been explained by both scientists and astronauts, ends up getting you down. It was vital for us to reorganize our daily routine, although we confess that the lockdown has got on top of us every now and again.

We have taken advantage of this “slowness “to make or re-make contact with those dearest to us and to get up to date, calling colleagues to enquire into their physical and mental wellbeing, and to keep up our daily time schedule, to eat and to sleep healthier hours, and to play sport at home! We know many of you are doing this, and more power to your elbows! We have invested in a vibrating platform with belts, which overall has been a pleasurable experience, in truth.

As far as our professional life goes, and also on a more personal note, we have taken advantage of this time to re-design our website, to do all kinds of online training (courses, webinars, videos…) and to discuss the future of our business.

To take time out, to reflect, and all this without abandoning our clients, obviously. We have been fortunate enough to avoid closure, we have remained in the loop, we have not altered our timetables, we have just calmed them down a bit, but we are still letting people know we are carrying on at their side, ready to work with them again as if nothing had changed at all.

This slowdown has also allowed us to work differently, with more breaks, getting back to the research of certain terms and/or expressions (vital for legal translators) in both paper and digital support formats, research which is delightful since it enriches our knowledge bases and is something fundamental to our profession.

 By the same token, it has given us the chance to carry out checks and reviews in greater depth, thereby adding even greater value to our work.

Projects become scarcer, it is a reality and an unavoidable truth, but to be able to develop and work on what our clients entrust us with ever greater artfulness is a source of great satisfaction.

 We sign off wishing you all great encouragement.

Sol, CEO of Sol Marzellier Traductores.

Translated by Andrew, English translator of Sol Marzellier Traductores TM.

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